A few Sky Hair Transplant differences why you should prefer Sky Hair Transplant


We will share with you the things you should read before having a hair transplant surgery. You have decided to have it. But there are lots of alternatives and it’s too difficult to choose the best of them.



Wheter the hair transplant surgery will be successful or not depens on your doctor’s experience and skills and also depends on the qualified surgical team who helps the doctor during the process.



Yeliz Parlat?c? Gerdan who introduced the hair transplantation to Turkey 17 years ago set up Sky Hair Transplant Center for absolute patient satisfaction and providig highest-quality



Without any doubt, Many things have changed in the past few years with technological developments. Such as hair transplantation techniques, and materials.

But the only thing never changes is craftsmanship.

Hair transplantation is just like an orchestra.

?f the conductor or a musician make a mistake whole harmony will be destroyed thereby.

The conductor is the doctor in hair transplantation. And the team members are musicians. Drawing hairline and opening microchannels are arts.All these processes which need craftsmanship an expertise vary depens on your hair shape, hair type and play important role to get your natural, healthy hair back.

After the drawing hair line and opening microchannels, transplanting process of taken grafts begins. Also this process needs expertise and skills too. Because the grafts should be put into the microchannels in correct angle and without harming the grafts.Otherwise you can not get a natural result and the transplanted hair never grows up.

Our success stories

What do our patients think about Sky Hair Transplant ?

"One of the most impressive features of Sky Hair Transplant Center is the personnels. They work hand in glove to perceive exactly what the patients’ expectations are. They are expert and experienced.and the most important of all they have a great team that provides support and solutions."

Alfonsus A.

"My hair transplantation is performed thinking all details by the experienced personnels of Sky Hair Transplant Center."

Bernard S.

"It is important getting a hair transplant by the best of Turkey ( even best of europe ) and getting good results . Sky Hair managed it in the best possible way."

Brookanna E.

"I had a hair transplant surgery in 2007. I got much beter results than expected. Sky Hair transplant Center is an experienced and a high-quality firm that guides you and provides solutions to your all hair problem . and if you want to work with the right people you are in the correct address."

Crescent L.

"I met an extremely Professional team both before and after my hair transplant operation. Everything was good. And the hair transplant operation I had is successful. I Thank each and every members of this team . Greetings from Germany."


"When I was 10 I had burns on my head and face caused by boiling water. And because of this I lost my hair. Then I have been wearing hats almost of my whole life till I am 38 years old . after getting hair transplant I get my hair back and I got rid of the hats. Now I don’t have to wear hats. They have achieved the impossible. Endless thanks…"

V.D. Ellmer

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